“Adopting one child won’t change the world:
But for that child, the world will change.”

Adoption expenses vary widely from case to case. While there is little to no cost associated with public agency adoptions (adopting a child in foster care), costs for domestic or international adoptions can vary greatly depending on several factors. There are also many financial resources that those looking to adopt may be able to utilize including adoption grants and loans, employer-provided adoption benefits.and the adoption tax credit (if deemed eligible). 

As basic qualifications set forth for adoption, the law dictates that to adopt one must be at least 18 years of age and also at least 10 years older than the child to be adopted. In terms of the qualification process, all persons who wish to adopt a child in New Jersey must meet certain requirements under New Jersey law to demonstrate that they are fit and suitable parents for a child. The process includes a formal assessment known as an adoption home study to ensure that the prospective adoptive parents can provide a safe, healthy and nurturing environment for a child. The home study entails:

  • Interviews with the prospective parents and others residing in the adoptive home
  •  Health assessments of the parents
  • The agency’s review of references for the prospective parents (including employers and personal references)
  • Verification of income, employment, and other personal data concerning each prospective parent 
  • The agency’s written report and recommendations

Yes. In New Jersey, as part of the adoption process, adoptive parents are required to file a Complaint for Adoption in one of the following counties: 


  • Their county of residence
  • The county in which the adoption agency holding legal custody of the child is located
  • In the case that child being adopted is less than three months of age- the county in which the child was born


The petition then culminates in a court appearance by the attorney, the adoptive parents, and the child.

Adoption with Sylvia

At Breitowich Law, we believe that family comes first. The process of adoption and the laws that govern this process in New Jersey can seem overwhelming to someone who does not have extensive knowledge and experience in this area. Luckily, we are here to remove the confusion and take care of the legalities so you can focus on what’s most important- your and your family’s well-being. Whether you are a prospective parent considering adoption or an expectant mother seeking out the best options for your child’s future, we want to be here as a resource to you to ease the process and help you along every step of the way.