Collaborative Divorce

Divorcing with dignity is possible. Breitowich Law Firm is here to show you how.

The goal of Collaborative Divorce is the same as that of a traditional divorce, which is reaching an agreement on all issues of the divorce including property division, spousal support, custody and parenting time, and child support. 

As compared to traditional divorce, the process of Collaborative Divorce avoids the courtroom altogether and provides a higher level of privacy and control for the individuals involved. In many cases, it also has the additional benefit of saving money and time for the parties involved.

Collaborative Divorce with Sylvia

Divorce doesn’t have to be a long, arduous ordeal that gets drawn-out in a courtroom setting. There are ways to lessen the burden and streamline the process so that the parties involved are able to reach a mutual agreement within an environment that is respectful and promotes honest and open communication. Collaborative Divorce is an alternative, more cost effective process which allows couples to resolve the issues related to their divorce without having to proceed with litigation.